Sunday, 21 January 2018
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An Easy-To-Use Road Map for Retirement Saving & Investing


Am I saving enough for retirement? Should I invest differently in the present economic environment? Will I be able to retire with the lifestyle I want?

These are questions that plague many as they plan for the end of their working careers. In his book, Strategic Diversification: Retirement Planning that Works, Chicago investment advisor Jeff Martin provides proven solutions and answers key questions about investing for retirement.

It’s pretty clear that things have changed in the last 25 years. Retirement is no longer the same experience that our parents and grandparents enjoyed. On average, people live longer and are more active. Because of that, they spend more money in the years after leaving work. Your retirement planning needs to account for that.

Pensions are also quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, companies match contributions to 401k and 403b plans, while employees take a more active role in their retirement planning.

This new model leaves you with two options: Learn the necessary skills to manage your own retirement portfolio, or hire a financial advisor in Chicago to develop your retirement plan and manage your portfolio.

Whatever your choice might be, you need to educate yourself on the essentials of saving and investing for retirement.

Strategic Diversification: Retirement Planning that Works gives you an easy to use road map for retirement saving and investing. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out in your career, or nearing retirement. The book provides a straight-forward method of determining if you are saving enough to live the retirement you envision.

But Strategic Diversification doesn’t stop there. It leads you through an investment approach that has been proven effective during good markets and bad over the past 40 years and updates the approach with the latest research on investing. You will also be educated on how to build and manage your retirement portfolio based on your specific situation, taking into account your investing time horizon, risk tolerance, tax situation and necessary return.

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Then, visit our exclusive Downloads and Resources page for worksheets referred to in Strategic Diversification: Retirement Planning that Works. You’ll also find additional books recommended by author Jeff Martin that complement the principles found in Strategic Diversification. These guides will further help you manage your finances.

About the Author, Jeff Martin: Founder of KDM Investment Management

As a Chicago wealth manager, Jeff Martin studied different wealth management methodologies. From his observations, he was able to determine those strategies that worked best for clients. Jeff’s new approach is documented in his 2011 book, Strategic Diversification: Retirement Planning that Works.

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