Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Our Goal Is To Build a Relationship With You

With over 9 years as a Chicago wealth manager, Jeff Martin has learned that the best way to earn and keep a client’s business is to listen to their needs, develop a plan that meets their goals, and build a lasting relationship with them.

All good relationships are built on trust and understanding. To that end, KDM Investment Management has developed a client relationship process that ensures understanding of your goals and your financial situation. We also want you to understand and be comfortable with our investment approach.

We believe that once there is understanding on both sides, there can be trust.

We begin the relationship process by learning about your objectives, your risk tolerance level, the length of time for which you can be invested, your investment return expectations, and your current financial situation.

We incorporate all this into our investment approach and create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) specifically for you. The IPS documents your unique requirements and describes how we will build and manage your portfolio.

After you approve of the IPS, we implement the portfolio management process. The custodian of your assets, typically Charles Schwab & Co., will provide you with monthly reporting. We will then schedule review meetings with you and additional reporting based on your requirements.

KDM’s Fee-Based Investment Structure Benefits You

KDM Investment Management’s fee-based structure means we benefit when your portfolio performs well. This closely aligns our objectives with those of our clients. Thus, it’s in our best interest, as well as yours, to make sure your portfolio grows.

With a fee-based structure, we are free to evaluate and select products for inclusion in your portfolio based solely on your objectives without a conflict of interest about how much we will be paid in commission for using a specific product.

The fact that a fee-based structure reduces conflicts of interest between KDM and our clients was a key consideration when we designed our fee structure.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

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