Stocks Set New High Closing Price Amid Turbulence

Despite the pandemic, despite events in Washington, D.C., and despite bad jobs report this morning, stocks set a new high closing price today.

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The Bad And Good Financial News This Week 

Retail sales dropped sharply in December and business-owner optimism plunged but events in the Washington, D.C. overshadowed everything. Yet share prices of America’s blue-chip stocks did not drop very much and the consensus forecast of economists released today predicts a strong recovery for the next 21 months. Here’s the financial…

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Act Before Hitting The Crossroad Of Fiscal And Tax Reality

U.S Government Covid aid to individuals and businesses is expected to raise the nation’s debt to about $28 trillion. For high- earning and high-net worth individuals now is your last chance to act before higher taxes are expected to be enacted in 2021.

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The Bull Market Broadened Recently

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft - the six FAANGM stocks -- were the runaway leaders of the new bull market that began after stocks bottomed on March 23rd, but now the rally has broadened to the other 494 companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500. It’s good news.

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