A Crucial Investment Lesson From A Difficult 20 Years

The commemoration of 9/11 and pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan marked the passing of 20 difficult years. Historians will debate the lessons to be drawn from this tumultuous time for decades to come. For investors, however, a crucial investment lesson to be drawn is clear: In the past 20…

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Negative Real Returns On Bonds Changes The Asset Valuation Paradigm

There's a new paradigm in valuing stocks and bonds. The change in the relative value of stocks versus bonds – the two primary investments in a diversified portfolio -- has major implications for strategic retirement investors. Here's what's happening.

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China Financial Contagion Fears Come And Go In A Few Days

Fears of a China financial contagion infecting the global economy caused the U.S. stock market to plunge on Monday, but the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index recovered and closed with a one-half of 1% weekly gain. 

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August Retail Sales Indicate The Recovery Is Intact 

Retail sales for the 12 months through August rose 14.9%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, retail sales totaled $618.7 billion in August, a seven-tenths of 1% jump from July. Back-to-school shopping explained the uptick from July. 

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